The Regulations of the Business Support Fund of the small and medium-sized enterprises of Prienai District Municipality were approved by the Decision No. T3-148 of the Council of Prienai District Municipality on 31st May, 2018. According to the Regulations, financial support is provided for:

  • refunding the part of the interest on the taken loans (for circulating asset and the purchase of main means). The interest rate is calculated according to the average interest rate of the last month of commercial banks published by the Bank of Lithuania. The portion of interest paid from other support funds is not reimbursed;
  • organizing training courses, workshops for entrepreneurs and paying them partially;
  • covering expenses up to 60 Euro for participation in exhibitions, competitions, festivals and other mass events, reimbursing up to 300 Euro for taking part in national exhibitions and competitions (without the need for justifying documents);
  • publication of information and promotional publications relating to small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • partially financing the preparation of business plans, applications for financial support from other funds;
  • financing development programs and projects of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • partially covering the expenses of organizing the Labor safety documentation;
  • covering part of the expenses of technical documentation preparation for industrial buildings and structures;
  • 400 Euro for each new workplace created. The new workplace created must be maintained for at least one year. For the purpose of this form of support, an entity may apply no earlier than 12 calendar months after the date of establishment of the workplace by submitting a certificate of the average number of employees at the beginning and end of the period and a copy of the employee's state social insurance certificate;
  • maintaining traditional handicrafts;
  • companies and enterprises that have improved condition of municipal property at their own expense;
  • compensating land-tax - for business entities operating for up to 2 years;
  • compensating the rent of the premises - for business entities operating for up to 2 years;
  • compensating expenses of setting up a new company (enterprise) - up to EUR 300 for documentation based start-up costs. The company must be established no earlier than 12 months before the date of submitting the application for support;
  • the reimbursement of immovable property tax (with the exception of immovable property that is not used or is not used for its intended, not maintained or abandoned) for business entities, which started their business activities not earlier than 3 years ago in the territory of Prienai District Municipality, having more than two full-time workplaces (except a head (manager)). Compensation for the same business entity can be provided not more than for 3 years.
  • compensation of company website development costs - up to 300 Euro;
  • partially covering the expenses of trademark registration and products certification;
  • covering part of the costs of preparation of territorial planning documents and technical projects.
  • partially covering the cost of installing CCTV cameras (provided that the observed view is about 50 percent of public spaces);
  • partially covering the cost of installing illuminated advertising devices (an external advertising installation project must be provided).

The Fund covers up to 75 percent of the costs and up to 4500 EUR (four thousand five hundred euros) per business entity over one year. The Support from the Fund may be granted to the same business entity for a maximum of 2 consecutive years (except for 19.15 p.).

The proportion of eligible costs is calculated net of VAT for small and medium-sized enterprises – VAT payers.