Pociūnai aerodrome is waiting for both amateurs and experienced aviators. Services provided for them: a modern runway for planes, a huge hangar for keeping aerial-technique, licensed production and maintenance of gliders, and technical maintenance and repair of small planes. Services provided for tourists: a café, a sauna, accommodation and a conference hall. Services provided for music lovers: annual Pazaislis Music festivals.

JSC „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ (Sport Aviation and KO”), established in1969, has been designing and producing high quality record gliders for more than 35 years. It is one of the five world enterprises that designs and manufactures gliders, which are designed for the extra-class competitions. Global trading representatives’ network has been created over many years. It involves more than 30 countries and promotes successful advertising, distribution and services of their production . Almost all items, except small unitary orders, are sold in foreign countries.

Kaunas Skydiving Club

Heady height, parachute jumps and flights, climbing “the rock” and a flight “airlift”, an extreme obstacles trail “ropes course”, all these activities are not only for adults but for children as well – everything you can try if you arrive at the Skydiving Club  in Pociunai aerodrome. Experienced instructors and sportsmen will show breath-taking flights and parachute jumps.

Aviation Sport Club of Kaunas Region (KAASK)

In the club you can glide by club gliders or your personal one, which are lifted with a plane or with a special lift. If you want to learn gliding art or to experience silence in the height of bird fly, experienced instructors will always help you. Only here you can see different models of world and Lithuanian gliders.

Air taxi offers sightseeing trips with different routes above the great and small Nemunas’ loops and above the whole Lithuania. It is a great opportunity to see the most beautiful Lithuanian natural creations over bird flight. This club is entrusted to organize European and World Championships.

JSC „Termikas“ –  an enterprise in Pociunai that sells, maintains and repairs acrobatic aircrafts, their components and engines.